iCLASS Key Fob (2K2)

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Site coded iCLASS Key Fobs. Easily added to  keyring for convenient access.

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iCLASS Key Fob

The iCLASS Key Fob is for use with the iCLASS Readers only.

iCLASS Key Fob Mullion Reader
3231 Mullion Reader
iCLASS Key Fob Reader
3237 iCLASS with Keypad

These iCLASS key fobs feature a loop for attaching to a keyring.

The iCLASS credentials are site coded. So when ordering for an existing system you will need to specify your site code. If however, you are ordering for a new system, request a new site code.

These cards come with a printed serial number and a cross-reference list is provided to cross-refer to the internal Site Code and Card Number.

As well as the site code these credentials are available encoded in several formats. The default format is “Progeny 27 bit” if your format is different please specify it on the order. You can find the format on the cross-reference sheets and packaging of the previously supplied cards and or fobs.

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Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 0.5 cm