The ultimate in covert code entry

The Dark Window Keypad has a number of security features to aid the stealthy entry of secret codes.

  • Shuffle mode, where keys are moved on each use.
  • The Micro-Louvre display controls the viewing angle.
  • Concealed RFID readers, for two factor authentication.

This keypad-Reader is both a Keypad Reader and a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) proximity reader. The antibacterial micro-louvre display controls the horizontal viewing angle. At the same time, the vertical viewing angle is unaffected. All of this means that users both tall and short can use the keypad in complete privacy. Onlookers will only see a black screen.

Hiding the access control keypad when not in use increases security and leaves the display available for useful information and door status indications:

  • Interlock
  • Door Close Failure
  • Connected Alarm Status
Dark Crystal Switch Plate Reader

Shuffle Keypad

The keypad style can be adjusted and even made to randomise on each use so that “tell-tale” fingerprints do not leave clues to the access code digits. There are 3,628,800 possible key layouts.

The keypad reader connects to the controller with a simple 4 wire interface.


  • Crystal or MIFARE RFID options
  • Volume Control
  • Internal Use
  • Escutcheon Plate Available
  • Terminal Block Connection
  • Dimensions (mm) w97 x h140 x d25

Covert Code Entry

Micro louvre privacy filter limits the horizontal viewing angle to + and - 30 Degrees. While the vertical viewing angle is unaffected.


  • 13.56 MHz MIFARE
  • 125 KHz Crystal
  • +/- 60 Degrees Vertical
  • +/- 30 Degrees Horizontal
Dark Crystal Mullion Reader

How it Works

The same keypad shown from different viewing angles.

Dark WIndow Privacy Diagram

Dark Crystal Features

Dark Crystal readers take full advantage of the two-way communication in the P4 reader interface. Saving connections and installation time this feature also provides for a much richer and more informative user experience from the access control system.

Dark Window Keypad Datasheet
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