Progeny Barcode Reader

2011-SC Barcode Reader


The 2030-SC is a scanning optical barcode reader.  The reader is weather protected and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  The switch plate style has 60mm spaced mounting points to fit a standard single gang back box.

The switch plate reader comes with an attractive stainless steel cover to give protection and an attractive modern look.  This reader can be surface mounted.  Cards are presented below the reader.


Barcode Readers

This technology reads the commonly used bar codes. Numeric barcode data is read when the card is presented. The bar code is decoded internally and passed on to the access controller. This reader is suitable for internal or external applications.

2030-ST Card Positioning Target

Position Target for Barcode Reader

This optional accessory for the barcode reader assists the novice user to position the card at the correct distance and location. This is particularly useful in full sunlight when the scanning light bar is difficult to see.



2030-SC and 2030-T