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Dark Window Keypad

The ultimate in covert code entry!
  • Controlled viewing angle
  • Choice of keypad layouts
  • Random shuffle of keys
  • 5 Year warranty
Dark Window Keypad

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Why Access Control

Access control protects people as well as property and information. Most buildings will have an intruder alarm system for security reasons. These systems only come into play when everyone has left the building. Adding access control to your building will provide additional security 24 hours a day. More doors can be locked by default and be easily opened on authentication of the user. Doors will automatically relock after the person has passed through.


Control when access is permitted using time zones. Even switching doors to be free vend at selected times & dates.


Control who goes where by setting access levels that can also be linked to time zones.


All activities of an online access control system are time stamped and logged. In addition, the status of doors can also be seen on the Doors Enterprise software.


Simple but powerful point and click reporting gives accountability to access and options to link data to T&A and Payroll. Roll call reports give a simple list of who is in now.

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Designed & Manufactured in the UK

The Progeny P4 Access Control range offers products and solutions for projects large and small. Hence, our products enable you to control and manage access across all sites quickly and simply.  We have over 40 years experience in manufacturing in the UK and offer a 5 Year Warranty & Product Lifetime Support for complete peace of mind.

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