Progeny scores with the new access control system at the Reebok Stadium

Reebok Stadium - Bolton Wanderers FC

With stadium security high on the UK agenda, when the Reebok Stadium Directors decided they needed to improve security with access control in the stadium, they called in Progeny Access Control. This state of the the art £45m 28,000 seater stadium needed a flexible, low cost system upon which they could rely and Progeny came up with the ideal solution to the Reebok stadium requirements.

Reebok Stadium - Bolton Wanderers

Progeny asked Bolton based specialist installers Spectra to ensure that the final installation of the system was second to none. Progeny’s Technical Director Ian Bend said ‘We were delighted to have supplied a Progeny system to one of the UK’s most famous stadiums. With the help of Spectra we have ensured that access to the Reebok stadium is fully protected.’

access control at Reebok Stadium

Barry Sloane, Spectra Director said ‘Progeny’s system was exactly what was needed for The Reebok. Spectra have been working with Progeny for over 17 years.’ Barry went on to say ‘It was important all those years ago as a small start up company, that Spectra were involved with high quality, flexible and ingenious products. Progeny have contributed a great deal to Spectra’s success.’

At the Reebok Stadium Chris Grady confirmed their delight with the results, he said ‘It was crucial that we are seen by the public and the authorities to be taking all steps to ensure the security of this highly successful public venue and Progeny’s access control system has certainly delivered.’