Vandal Resistant Keypad

This is a very robust, weather-proof keypad is compatible with the Progeny P4 Controllers and features a 3 colour LED display and alarm strobe light. Suitable for flush mounting or surface mounting with the optional surface mount box. Backed by a Vandal Resistant Guarantee, this sturdy keypad is ideal for outdoor,public facing applications.

Vandal Resistant Keypad

Vandal resistant, metal cased keypads. Field proven and lab tested to survive hard use, abuse and vandalism. Ideal for use in exposed, industrial, commercial or public applications


  • Vandal resistant (20J BS EN 60068-2-75: 1997)
  • External or Internal Use: Weather, water and dust resistant (IP65)
  • Brightness Control
  • Volume Control
  • Sturdy Surface Mount Back Box Available
  • Terminal Block Connection
  • Dimensions (mm) W90 x H 90 x D19
  • Product Code 4121

Surface Mount Back Box

This robust back box makes is it easier to mount the vandal resistant keypad on to difficult surfaces.


  • External or Internal Use
  • UK Pattress Box Fitting
  • Dim’s (mm) W90 x H 90 x D10
  • Product Code 4132

Dark Crystal Features

This keypad is compatible with Dark Crystal readers. It takes full advantage of the two-way communication in the P4 reader interface. Saving connections and installation time this feature also provides for a much richer and more informative user experience from the access control system.


There are occasions when, the normally useful, user feedback beep sounds form a reader can be; inconvenient, distracting or just annoying.

Volume Control

Dark crystal readers introduce, for the first time, programmable Volume of user feedback sounds. Adjustable is 16 steps from off to full volume.


Alarm indication at a door can be very useful. Normally this would mean fitting additional hardware to give that Alarm Notification.

Integrated Alarm

Dark Crystal readers have a built in alarm sounder and strobe light.


Status indication is very useful to users of the access control system. Lock status, Interlock with another door etc.

Full Colour Light Bar

Dark Crystal Readers have a rich colour light bar and a bright strobe light.