iCLASS ISO Card (2K2)

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Site coded ISO CR80 iCLASS card. Suitable for most photo ID printers.

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The iCLASS ISO Card is suitable for use with the iCLASS Readers only.

Reader - iCLASS ISO Card
3231 Mullion Reader
Keypad - iCLASS ISO Card
3237 iCLASS with Keypad

These iCLASS cards are a standard ISO CR80 in size and suitable for most photo ID printers.  The card will slide into a standard  CR80 card holder for use with Yo-Yo or Lanyard clip.

The iCLASS credentials are site coded. So when ordering for an existing system you will need to specify your site code. If however, you are ordering for a new system, request a new site code.

These cards come with a printed serial number and a cross-reference list is provided to cross refer to the internal Site Code and Card Number.

As well as the site code these credentials are available encoded in a several formats. The default format is “Progeny 27bit” if your format is different please specify it on the order. You can find the format on the cross-reference sheets and packaging of the previously supplied cards and or fobs.

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Dimensions 3 × 2.5 × 0.5 cm