Two Factor Identification

Security of an access control system can be increased by using two factor identification., eg: card and code or card and PIN.  It is also useful for applications where a code or PIN can be used as a back up to the card or fob.

The tactile keypad gives a positive and accurate means of entering codes.  The programming asterisk key can be disabled to prevent tampering with settings.

The unique back light and tri-colour status light give excellent user feedback on the operation of the system.  Independent volume controls mean they keypad reader can be as discreet or noisy as required.  IP 54 rated, the keypad can be flush mounted or surface mounted,using the optional back box.

Two Factor Identification with 4124-RF-With-Backbox

  • Card & PIN or Card & Code
  • Card or Code
  • Programmable Star Key Function
  • Crystal RFID Reader Option
  • Three Colour LED Display with Override
  • Independent Feedback & Alarm Volume Controls
  • Flush Mountable
  • Surface Mount Back Box (Option)
  • Crystal Keypad Readers
  • Crystal Proximity Reader
  • Tri Colour Visual Indication
  • Volume Controlled Audible Indication
  • Tactile Keypad