Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find solutions to tricky requirements, answers to commonly asked questions and handy tips to ensure your Progeny system runs smoothly…

Q: We have a door which needs  read-in/read-out proximity access control, but also needs to have a Request to Exit switch which will operate between 9am-5pm only.

A: The solution here is to create a Time Zone (9am to 5pm), apply this to “Relay B” on the controller, and then feed the return signal from the RQE switch through Relay B. This means that any Exit Request outside of the allotted time zone would not reach the controller, so the door would only operate by the card reader.

Q: We need half reverse Interlock where one door is on free vend unless the other door is open, which also includes Pressure Sensing.  If the air pressure has not equalised in the airlock, then both doors would remain locked.

The solution here is to use the 2069 Interlock programmer and treat the pressure switch as though it was a door; linked to the programmer on door “C” channel, if the pressure sensor isn’t positive and that was programmed via the DIP switches to lock door “A” and “B”, then they would remain locked until the pressure is positive.

Q: Where can I get a manual for my product?

A: All of our manuals are available on this site, simply click on ‘Manuals’ in the ‘Downloads’ menu.

Q: On my single computer install why am I seeing “Server Not Connected”?

A: On a single computer install, the server should run on the same IP address as the local machine.  It can be run either as an executable or as a service; never both.

If you are seeing the “Server Not Connected” dialogue, please ensure that the server is running, either in the system tray (if running as an executable) or in the <SERVICES> tab of task manager.  Also ascertain the IP address of the local machine by running ipconfig on the command line. Please ensure the server and client are both attached to this IP address.

Q: I am getting Polarzip.Ocx error immediately after install, what now?

A: For a flawless install, first of all turn off User Account Control by typing UAC in the search bar on the start menu. Select <User Account Control Settings> and move the slider all the way down to “Never Notify”. Then, extract the installer to a folder on the root of C:

For instance, c:\Doors

Finally, Right-Click on the Install.Exe and select “Run as Administrator” from the pop-up menu.