Progeny Range

Progeny is an access control manufacturer based in the UK.  We have a number of access control systems and solutions, from the cost effective “Compact Keypads” & “C2 Proximity” systems to the "Stand Alone & Online"  professional access control systems. the latter these include “Interlocking” that can be integrated with our “Interlock” systems.

We also offer a wide range of readers and keypads. The identification devices can be for one, two or three factor authentication. The keypads include a variety of spy protected options. See the Scramble Keypad and Spy Proof Shield

We have also recently launched an innovative new Fingerprint Reader, which can store up to 2000 templates.  The fingerprint reader integrates full with Progeny access control systems.

Access Control Systems

Whether you're just looking to control access to a single door, or host of doors across many sites, an access control system will give peace of mind and a justified sense of security to any environment.

access control manufacturer - door image

Access control provides security 24 hours of the day. Doors will automatically re-lock after each use. Doors will only open to the people or groups of people authorised to do so.

All activity can be recorded with a time stamp. This adds accountability to people's movement with the spin off benefit of attendance, time and muster roll call reporting. 


Progeny Access Control has over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing superior access control systems and solutions, providing the very latest innovation with an unrivalled product range.


The Progeny range can cater for 1 to an unlimited number of doors and can interface with the access control manufacturer - productswidest range of identification devices currently available; including Proximity, Bar Code, Keypad, Biometric and Magstripe card readers - to name just a few.   Our expertise in providing card access systems is unrivalled and we are the UK's leading company in this particular field. As well as providing complete access control systems our after sales service and support teams are able to provide invaluable technical help and guidance wherever it is needed. Supported with a lifetime warranty there is no serious alternative to Progeny Access Control.



access control manufacturer - integrationProgeny systems integrate at three levels: Credential (Shared use with other systems), Controller Hardware (Wired connections between systems, Software (Data sharing / exchange between systems)