Dark Crystal Reader (Mullion)

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The Mullion reader is suitable for mounting onto door frames, posts or other locations that cannot make use of a single gang back box. It is also available with a pigtail lead to provide extra flexibility when mounting onto surfaces that cannot be easily rebated out.  It is IP 65 rated, making it ideal for outdoor installation

  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Fits standard door mullion
  • Durable construction
  • IP 65, IK 09
  • H: 80, W: 45, D: 18 (mm)


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The Dark Crystal Proximity reader is an RFID reader that takes advantage of a simple 4 wire interface to P4 Controllers.

The unique back light and multi-colour light indicators give excellent user feedback on the operation of the system including:

  • Interlock
  • Programming Mode
  • Lock Status
  • Alarms

The Readers have a contemporary design with adjustable lighting so they can be as discreet or prominent as required.

Features such as light and sound control can be accessed Online via the software or Standalone via the P4 Controllers built-in keypad..