Scramble KeypadScramble Keypad

The Progeny Scramble keypad is used in the most demanding situations where access is controlled. The keypads do not suffer from the lack of security associated with traditional keypad where an onlooker can easily discover the entry code of a conventional keyboard by observing which keys are pressed. The Progeny Scramble Keypad does not suffer from these problems as the keys are scrambled each time it is used.

Scramble Feature

2011 scrable keypad surface mount photoAs the digits are scrambled observing which keys are pressed will not reveal the code or PIN to a potential intruder. Each time the Progeny Scramble keypad is used, the digits 0 to 9 are allocated at random to the keypads 10 keys. There are over 3.6 million permutations! This also ensures that the keys wear equally, even if the same code is always used.


Covert Code Entry

Plan view of scramble keypad system
The Progeny Scramble keypads design prevents onlookers from detecting the code being entered. Unlike a conventional keyboard, there are no surface markings for the keys. Only a user standing directly in front of the keyboard can see the scrambled digits.

An internal viewing constrictor ensures that the numbers displayed by LEDs under each key are visible only by the person standing directly in front of the keypad. Even someone standing beside the user is unable to see the numbers, as the user’s head obscures the view

See the Data Sheet for more information.