C2 Compact Access Control System

The Progeny C2 is a low cost and flexible compact proximity stand alone access control system.  C2 consists of a proximity reader and two channel controller / keyboard (Proximity and Code).  If site coded, the C2 can support up to 8000 users (up to 100 none-site coded) on the proximity channel and 50 user codes on the code channel.  The code channel can be used in conjunction with the keyboard to provide either code based access control or a secure switch.  Each C2 is supplied with a fob and card. C2 uses the same Crystal card technology as our P2 and P3 systems so credential costs can be kept to a minimum.

As shown in the diagram above, the controller can be purchased with a choice of 4 readers; the Crystal Mullion, the Crystal Switch Plate, the Crystal Panel Mount or the standard C2.

The C2 Compact Proximity System, like it’s Chameleon sister, can be configured to provide secure access in a variety of modes (shown below).

C2 Compact Proximity group

Call: 01254 883348 to order.

C2 Compact Features

  • Simple 20 second procedure to program controller
  • Proximity channel (8000 users when site coded)
  • Code channel (50 codes)
  • Relay timers (1 -99 seconds or toggle mode)
  • Relay contact ratings 2.0 Amps at 30V DC
  • Egress, door monitoring and tamper inputs
  • Failed to close door and door forced outputs
  • Duress mode
  • Tamper switch
  • Flexible setup allows for four different access solutions
  • Anti-tailgate feature